Finals Week

My good sir, I’ll take two scoops of fear in my coffee and a horse pill to reduce the feeling of impending doom.


In college, final study guides are actually death certificates in disguise. Though, I only have three finals to take and one of them I suffered through yesterday, I’m a bit afraid I’m going to screw something up somehow. Correlating with my fear of failing finals, here is a poem in which I touch upon an underlying topic within fear itself. Enjoy 🙂


I’ll Take Two Scoops of Fear in My Coffee


I injected you right into my bloodstream

Right into my veins

Right into my heart

You injected me

Right into your bloodstream

With a rusty needle

And now you’re getting high off of

Someone else


The fear you inject into my veins

Brews like a cup of coffee

One that works its way through the machine and

Takes its bittersweet time to develop

Before, all at once,

It squirts out into a cup

With a broken handle that had to be super glued back on

And once you think it’s over,

The after shock rumbles like

A thousand elephants

Running somewhere in Africa,

But drips like blood in an IV bag


My fear of you drips through an IV

With a one-way ticket into my bloodstream

With love, Alyssa

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