Album Review: “Mind Of Mine” – Zayn

“I’ve never been in love with an inanimate object before but I swear, when I get a physical copy of Zayn’s album in my hands, I’ll prove that statement wrong.”


Brief intro, don’t read if you don’t want to: One of the Alyssa’s on the spectrum finds refuge in music and musicians’ mannerisms, and thus, from time to time I feel the need to deeply study the reasons I like songs and albums. For that reason, and my love of writing as a tool of expression, I want to write a review on an album that was recently released – and if I find the turnout to be satisfactory, then, well, there are a number of musicians I listen to who are releasing albums this year, and there is always something to write about.

Let’s move on to what counts: Zayn Malik’s auspicious solo debut, “Mind Of Mine.” Holy shit. Seriously.

Although it has childish elements, such as the cover being of Zayn from his childhood and the fact the song tracks look like a first grader wrote them, don’t be fooled. This album is full of explicit, sensual content, delivered through Zayn’s infamous falsetto and overall modulated voice. “Mind Of Mine” is Zayn’s way of reintroducing himself on par with Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Miguel, with clear signs of Bollywood and R&B influences.

“fOoL fOr YoU” is impassioned and can be reminiscent of a love letter to your local, not-so local, or fictional sweetheart. “TiO” and “BoRdErSz” go much deeper into a song you’d play while trying to seduce your partner, both have a wrapped around your finger feeling that spins you into a trance.

If you want your emotions to be stirred, ethereal ballads “iT’s You” and “BLUE” will make you put your emotions in a blender. If you want a to undergo introspection, vulnerable tune “rEaR vIeW” is the way to go.

A very special highlight must go to: “INTERMISSION: fLoWer” partly because of its beautiful ode to his background, an interlude of the millennium sung in Urdu. Don’t just focus on what he sings here, folks, the background melody is just as endearing as him embracing his heritage.

This is the type of album full of sensual, intense songs that many people choose to nitpick for superfluous reasons, when in reality, it should be analyzed and understood for its distinction. There are tonal differences, themes of heartbreak, passion, lust, and betrayal, and clear, invaluable examples of what an artist can do when they’ve been driven for a long time. In addition, the differences in these songs, prove his versatility.

To conclude, I must confess. I’ve never been in love with an inanimate object before but I swear, when I get a physical copy of Zayn’s album in my hands, I’ll prove that statement wrong… or wRoNg, as Zayn would say.

Here’s a few samples of what he puts on the plate:

iT’s YoU

Cover my scars / I’ll let ’em bleed / So my silence / So my silence won’t / Be mistaken for peace


I found my life in between a first kiss and a last goodbye


I don’t breathe the pollution / And the only solution is making shit confusing / And it ain’t about who’s winning or losing / It’s bout the path you’re choosing

rEaR vIeW

Heard about all the miles you’ve gone / Just to start again / Heard about all that you’ve been through / It sounds like you need a friend


She plays with my heart and emotion / I give her my love and devotion / She gave me her thought and a notion

But don’t let the three-dimensional lyrics alone influence your decision. Listen to his album for the full effects of his infectious beats on your mind and soul.

I speak for a large percent of the population when I say we can’t wait to see how he grows in the future (a future in which he releases tour dates). Have a good Z016.

Essential Tracks: “rEaR vIeW” “fOoL fOr You” “iT’s YoU”


Listen to ‘Mind of Mine’ here

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