Time is Running Backwards

Time is running backwards. I saw her. She’s fast too. Her calves and ankles must be spectacular.


Finals begin next week so I haven’t been writing to the best of my ability, but I’d like to put forth a piece that I wrote last week in my favorite creative writing workshop: The Inkwell.

Prompt: Time is running backwards. Where is time going? What is time doing? Etcetera.


Time is Running Backwards

Time is running backwards. I saw her. She’s fast too. Her calves and ankles must be spectacular.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in love with time. But… Time. Is. Toned. My friends.

I saw her running backwards from my balcony window and I impulsively grabbed my green raincoat – the one with the broken zipper, so it’s kind of useless – and I rushed out of the house in pursuit of time. My useless coat caught the wind and trailed behind me as I sprinted in my slippers over the cracks in the pavement. In fact, I galloped. Unfortunately, unlike time, my calves and ankles were not spectacular.

I wondered, why was she running backwards like that? Did time rob a bank? Did time design a portable clock that humans can slap on their wrists across the globe and is running to present it on Shark Tank? Is time running off to find a disguise in order to eventually pose as a male soldier named ‘Ping’ to bravely take her father’s place in the Imperial Army? Is time running late on her way to throw a bat mitzvah for a gentile? I’m asking for a friend.

Again, I ask, for a friend: Why is time running on the balls of her feet, facing towards me but moving backwards? What if time trips? What if time trips and cannot get up and forgot her life alert at home inadvertently because, again, she’s late on her way to throw a bat mitzvah for a gentile, and instead of using two hands to help her up, people just stand there and French braid their hair?

Whatever the answer may be, none of it mattered. Time stopped suddenly, leading me to stop dead in my slippers. I stood frozen in my useless raincoat, especially useless now that the raindrops stayed stagnant in the air. I wondered why time stopped. I guess time had nothing to do, or time caught up to me and my shenanigans. Well, I thought that. Yeah, I thought that until time slithered up to me like a serpent, infinite, and ravenous in the eyes.


Side note: the featured photo is me pointing at who knows what while getting a piggyback from my friend Kylie. Side side note: I have a fear of piggybacks. I’m working on it. Let me live.

With love, Alyssa

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