Playlist 5

5… Beyoncé songs on this playlist. I’m not lying.

  1. Freedom – Beyoncé ft. Kendrick Lamar (HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!)
  2. Ophelia – The Lumineers
  3. Daddy Lessons – Beyoncé
  4. True Colors – Zedd and Kesha 🙂
  5. 6 Inch – Beyoncé ft. The Weeknd
  6. Close – Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo
  7. Love Drought – Beyoncé
  8. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande
  9. Don’t Hurt Yourself – Beyoncé ft. Jack White
  10. 7 – Catfish and the Bottlement

I don’t regret half of this playlist being Beyonce. She is my birthday twin. So is Phil Lewis (Sadly he hasn’t released any music. Unless you count the PRNDL remix that probably exists on YouTube). September 4th. Mark your calendars, my loves. Take care.

With love, Alyssa

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