A Deer Gave Birth on My Front Lawn

A poem to a fawn (born around 7:02, June 16)


Authors note: A deer gave birth on my front lawn this morning, and the mother and its fawn stuck around a while. At first I thought the mother was hurt, as she laid down between two bushes next to my front steps, but then I realized it would be a safe location to care for her fawn for a bit. My front door is in a secluded area, giving the deer and its fawn privacy within the first day or so of their lives together. I wrote this poem to the fawn in the voice of its mother.


Circa 7:02


Allow yourself

The grace of

Failing when

Foliage is out

Of reach.

Don’t stir up

Silt in cloudy



Some days you’ll

Wonder when the time

For the driver

To be blinded

Will arise

When will

Hunters lose desire

To hunt;

Predators the

Desire to hurt


Do not be afraid,


A buck will show

Strength using its


You will prove

Your eyes are a



With love, Alyssa


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