A Beach Poem

I stole no less than 30 shells from a beach in Naples and this is a poem about it




Enter minnows territory

Don’t be


They don’t bite

You’ll feel

Seaweed- don’t

Be afraid.

Your grandfather is watching

With his

Bad eyes


Hide your toes

In stirred up

Jewels and


Lose a black shell

You’ll spend six subsequent

Days searching for.

Forget the shells

The color of a

Hanes T-Shirt

And just as common


Find the ones that

Tell a story

The ones with

Bullet holes and

Phantom limbs and

The ones with

Two tiers of

An auditorium


The waves will

Rock you like a hammock

In a wind storm

A faint lullaby

Sounds from above

– it’s just thunder

They’ll say.

It’s just a tune

To motivate you

To find the missing

Black shell

And fast.

Hang up

“Have You Seen Me?”

Posters under umbrellas

Only to drip the sea

Into your mojito.

Swim amongst

Mint leaves and pretend

They’re seaweed.

Ice cubes and shells

All the same.

Collect the ice in your right

Hand, filter them to

Your left.

Stuff them between your

Fingers and

Carry the overhaul

In your right.

Stroll back onto land

By the time

Your grandfather

Wakes up

With love, Alyssa

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