A Murder at Bellarmine Only Fairfield University Students Can Solve

Approximately 75 students will be present for the murder taking place at Bellarmine Hall this Saturday. Fairfield University’s Student Association has put together the social event in the spirit of Halloween, encouraging students to scramble around the first floor of the mansion for clues in order to find the murderer before they become the next victim.

In this real life game of Clue, students will have the opportunity to inspect and chat with actors in order to gain clues and evidence to help themselves solve the mystery. FUSA plans on bringing these actors to the university from an outside company to play their designated roles from 10 p.m. to midnight on the night of the event.

“This is the first year that we are doing this event,” Molly Strang ’18, director of programming for FUSA, said. “So I’m hoping everyone loves it.”

Students may walk into the event without a definite expectation. While this may be a hindrance, newcomers should see it as an omen to keep an open mind – especially as many would agree Bellarmine is the perfect setting.

Colleen Wilson ’11, assistant director at the office of student engagement agrees. “We are always looking to find new and creative events,” Wilson said. “[We] hope this one meets those expectations.”

The stakes for this event are high. Though there were only a limited number of tickets free to students who obtained them off the university’s ticket website, Wilson suggested that FUSA will look into bringing the event back in the future if it proves to be engaging and successful. To supplement, Strang went on to disclose that if the event has a positive turnout and response then FUSA will look into what other options they have to accommodate more students in the future.

Fairfield student Kaitlyn Nelson ‘19 weighed in on the notion to change the location to cater to more students.

“A murder mystery party at the library, Bannow, or the BCC would be awesome. There’s a lot of potential for different stories and lots of space for more people to participate,” she said.

While there will be special prizes for the winning detectives, all attending guests won’t leave empty handed. Additionally, it’s encouraged that attending guests dress snappy casual. Students should also expect a night of small talk, appetizers, and mysterious music to add to the ambiance of the night. This event is sure to be killer.


Photo from Fairfield University’s instagram



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