Product Review⎮ Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit

On the eighth day of January my mother gave to me: six eyeshadows…and a sponge that’s quite gimmicky


Most people don’t have a middleman when it comes to makeup products, but luckily enough, I’m constantly graced with beauty hand-me-downs from my maternal relatives. Recently I was gifted Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real! BIG Sexy Eye Kit, which is essentially an eyeshadow palette with three paired eyeshadow duos, a rounded sponge, and a mirror built into the bulky kit.

Benefit 1

The three eyeshadow duos are composed of neutral shades, each with grandeur names:

  • Beyond nude: champagne and cappuccino
  • Naughty neutral: soft pink and rosy brown
  • Bombshell brown: taupe and sable brown

The colors are gorgeous. Within each duo is a satin shade and a soft matte shade, perfectly paired together. If you’re not completely sold on one of the duos, have no fear! Benefit Cosmetics sells all the duos separately at $24 per palette. The singular duo palette also comes in additional colors that the trio doesn’t have. However, buying the three colors together in this palette is the best option, as a $72 value is yours for only $36.


To use, swipe the “ShadowBlender” (a gimmicky sponge, really) across one of the eyeshadow duos, making sure the darker and lighter shade are on the blender. Then, position the ShadowBlender in the inner corner of your eye and swipe it across your eyelid. It doesn’t matter which shade is in the crease of your eyelid or along your lashline, but some may prefer the lighter shade along their lashline.

With this kit, we’re presented with a well thought-out packaging and application scheme. Unfortunately, it’s not all its chalked up to be. The main problem with this kit is that the colors don’t look good on eyelids unless they’re blended. While the application is advertised as a ten-second-or-less ordeal, it’s oftentimes necessary to use a makeup brush to blend. To create greater contours, it’s best to find a different palette that contains better hued eyeshadow.

The ShadowBlender itself is simply a rounded sponge with a tiny handle. If you have long nails like me beware, the blender isn’t easy to hold. Also, forget all about this kit if you have hooded eyes—you won’t be able to swipe the ShadowBlender on your lids.


Of course, it’s not inherently problematic. In fact, it has numerous pros: it’s easy for beginners, isn’t time consuming, and it’s as if you’re getting six shades in one kit.

OVERALL: I’m a lover of Benefit Cosmetics’ products, but this eyeshadow kit it not up to par with their other products.

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