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Alyssa Vigorito is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing, and minors in Digital Journalism and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. Find her on linkedin.

(From here forward she promises not to waste four years of education only to produce articles about celebrity sweat marks, or, in other terms, a topic the public surely doesn’t face when it’s eighty degrees outside.)

As an undergrad, she is a web editor for The Inkwell Literary Magazine at Fairfield University, where she puts physical copies of issues onto The Inkwell’s website. In January of 2017, she assumed the role as Marketing Director. In addition, she has been published in the student-run magazine numerous times, and once in the editorially independent student newspaper, The Fairfield Mirror.

She is presently an Assistant Editor intern for The NY Literary Magazine, responsible for reading through poetry and short story submissions and finding the best literary works for publication and contests. Furthermore, she is in the process of writing book reviews and articles for writers, all of which can be found on their website.

In the fall she will begin working as a writing tutor at her university’s on-campus writing center.

Alyssa enjoys writing fiction and poetry, but mostly short stories, and has a knack for piecing together a steadfast review for everything around her – from music to books. On a larger scale, she is working on a fictional novel and a series of short stories. Besides being a writer, she has found solace in editing.

Outside of a more professional viewpoint, Alyssa enjoys rock climbing, and drawing and painting portraits. She has seen every episode of “Parks and Recreation” three times nearing four, and she has four copies of Marina and the Diamonds’ third album. Her favorite vegetable is snap peas and she is addicted to exfoliating her face. While priding herself on the way she dresses, somehow she is still stumped on how to style a basic circle skirt. In the future she’d love to work in the field of publishing, preferably book publishing, starting from the first day of her ‘World of Publishing’ class.

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In short, this is a website dedicated to all things spewed from her brain and onto a Microsoft Word document with a tasteful amount of editing. This includes a series of anecdotes, poems, narratives, and contemporary pieces accompanied by photos and works of art shot and created by her hand unless stated otherwise.

That’s enough talking about myself in the third person. Enjoy my work. Take care.

With love, Alyssa

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