Diary of an Intern: Week One

Quote me: “seriously if I get a job at a publishing house and am forced to read an epic I’m gonna mcfreakin lose it” xoxo

Today marks the first week of my internship at a literary magazine (I’m l i v i n g!) where I am an assistant editor. Well, maybe not my first full week, as I started yesterday, June 1st, but there was a lot of work to be done and I haven’t seen the sun so I’m counting it as a week.

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Meliorism Literary Magazine

Working titles for this faux literary magazine were ‘Zero Affection’ ‘ The Eunoia’ and ‘The Laundry Room Nudist’

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post… my writing hasn’t been featured in a literary magazine (yet). But I am in the process of finding presses and magazines to submit “It Started With the Magnifying Glass” to! Fingers crossed.

For my World of Publishing class, we recently had to draft our own Literary Magazine Manifesto, and I’ve decided to call my magazine, if y’all haven’t already guessed it: Meliorism Literary Magazine. Following is my manifesto:

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