BØRNS Announces New Album, What’s Her Name?

Blue Madonna


For the people who are bad at remembering faces but terrific at remembering names, here’s one: Blue Madonna.

Garrett Borns, who goes by the stage name BØRNS, has finally announced the title and release date of his long-awaited sophomore effort. Blue Madonna is set to release next year on January 12, but not without already receiving public praise. High-profile fan Lana Del Rey recently promoted his LP, claiming it’s “one of the craziest, best records [she’s] heard in years.”

Earlier in the year, the Michigan native released two singles titled “Faded Heart” and “Sweet Dreams.” Both are illustrative of his ability to find refuge in his falsetto and in poetic, glitzy lyrics.

The glam-rock artist became an instant sensation in 2015 after the virality of his song “Electric Love.” He’s come a long way since then, and while his debut album explored the ideas of love, emotions, and sex, fans are excited to see the identity of his upcoming release. 

What's her name?

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LISTEN: Banks releases new single “Underdog”

Banks is no stranger to sultry, albumless singles

Banks is no stranger to sultry, albumless singles. Earlier this year she put out a single titled “Crowded Places” to commemorate the last season of HBO’s Girls. In 2015 she released the sinister and demanding “Better.”

Two days before the one-year anniversary of her sophomore effort, The Altar, the LA songstress released a new track called “Underdog.” It’s slick and synth-heavy, abnormally upbeat compared to the rest of her discography. In less than a week it garnered nearly 1.5 million streams.

During the premiere of the track on Beats 1, Banks explained where the song came from: “There’s a beast inside of me that I haven’t let out fully. And I still haven’t, but I’m allowing it to poke its head above the water a bit more.”

Listen below.

(The) Lorde’s Second Coming

We can’t get enough of Lorde

We can’t get enough of Lorde.

“Those rumors, they have big teeth—hope they bite you” she snarls on new single “Green Light.” Teeth are a common occurrence in her music, having appeared on “Royals” “White Teeth Teens” and “400 Lux” from her debut album. In a tweet to a fan she revealed that she sees teeth as “a big aging motif.”

And aged she has. Though she emerged a prodigy, in due time her work became a considerable feat of the music industry. This first taste of her sophomore album, Melodrama, is catnip for listeners Lorde wants to share her past two, “fluorescent years” with.

While Lorde’s quirky and imaginatively odd lyrics are present, “Green Light” is more upbeat, explosive, and anthemic than her 10-track debut or her Hunger Games masterpiece “Yellow Flicker Beat.” This single, while about a break-up, is liberating nonetheless — it’s a declaration of the change and rebuilding that comes as a result of a difficult history.

Melodrama’s strange little sister, “Liability,” was released without warning nor promo on March 9th. It exhibits how Lorde has lost strength in her numbers and becomes exposed, alienated, and apologetic for being a burden.

Lorde’s sophomore effort is set to be released on June 16th.

New Ed Sheeran Music to Ring in the New Year

2017 is already off to a good start

After a year-long hiatus, Ed Sheeran is set to release his third LP album, Divide.

The announcement of new music came as a surprise to fans when Sheeran posted the same video of him holding a sign that said “new music coming Friday!!” on several social media platforms on New Years Day. A day after, Sheeran posted a 10 second video of the album artwork and reaffirmed a release date of January 6th.

6th January 5am GMT | midnight ET x

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The inner-workings of this album can be dated back to 2014 when Sheeran supposedly leaked the album title. A fan on twitter tweeted a photo of what was meant to be the tracklist of Sheeran’s sophomore album, Multiply, on iTunes, but disclosed the title for Sheeran’s third LP:

Interestingly enough, the third and 12th tracks, “My Love” and “The Hills of Aberfeidy” respectively, under Multiply weren’t on the released album. Fans are left to wonder whether those two tracks were switched out from the songs under the playlist titled DIVIDE, and why they didn’t make the final cut.

Sheeran didn’t specify whether Friday’s release consists of just one song or a whole album, but after a year of radio silence, new music of any kind is better than no new music at all.

Before the hiatus, Sheeran took to social media platforms to proclaim that he’s already begun working on his third album, and it’s “the best thing I have made thus far.”